* Hunting

With its size of 5.000 hectare our farm Onjona Lodge is just one part of a total hunting area of 142.000 hectare. While hunting with our guidance you´ll get familiar with the beauty of Namibias bush-savanna and will learn to love and appreciate it. At Onjona Lodge we exclusively hunt for mature bulls from more than 20 different species that are excellent trophies. Mostly we hunt from raised stands near water holes, fields or salt spots. Stalking is a very interesting alternative, too. But due to the tight vegetation on our farm it isn´t always possible. We preferentially hunt during the morning and evening hours except for the winter season when we shift our hunts towards the middle of the day. Your shooting
distance will be 200 meters tops.

On Onjona Lodge we hunt for the following species:
kudu, oryx, red hartebeest, warthog, eland, blessbuck, springbuck, waterbuck, steenbuck, common duiker, mountain zebra, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, common impala, ostrich, cheetah, leopard, jackal, caracal and baboon. On our bordering concession area we also hunt for sable, roan, giraffe and black face impala.

In 2001 the Namibian record kudu was shot on our farm with a horn-length of
184cm (72 1/8 inch) and 394,4 SCI points. That´s second best in the global ranking
and the Rowland Ward-Book.

You are welcome to bring your own rifle. We recommend a minimum caliber of .30- 06 or .308 and higher. To import your rifle to Namibia you need an import permit, your license and our hunting trip contract. Of course you can also rent one of our rifles while staying with us. We offer a variety of bolt action rifles with „Mausersystem“ .300 Win.Mag. including adjustable scopes. You can choose from our selection of rent-rifles to find a well fitting one. If
necessary your hunting guide and his tracker will trail a wounded animal for you.
Usually you will hunt 1:1 with your hunting guide (means 1 professional hunter for
every hunter).