* General Information

Namibia in general
Currency: Namiban Dollar N$ = SA Rand (exchange rate about 1:13)
Cash can be withdrawn from credit or debit cards (maximum amount of 2.000,-- N$
per withdrawal up to limit of your card)

Entry regulations
To visit Namibia you need a valid passport (must be valid for 6 more months after
departure) as well as an entry permit which you´ll get on the plane before landing.

Namibias seasons are contrarious to those in Europe. In December it´s midsummer,
in August it´s wintertime.
During the months February, March and April Namibias vegetation is in full swing. At
midday temperatures can reach 30° C and more, at night it cools down to 15 – 20° degrees Celsius.

In May it gets cooler everyday and from the middle of June until the end of
August it´s African Winter. Then we have temperatures between 15 and 20° degrees Celsius during the days, at night 0° C are possible. Spring starts in September and feels like May in Europe.